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Depression and Suicide; Knocking on Death’s Door

In this post I want to share my insights on suicide. In finding that those who have not experienced suicidal feelings are simply not able to comprehend what is happening, this blog is designed to urge these people to accept their ignorance and think carefully about their reactions to the suicidal. Suicidal people need someone to … Continue reading

Depression: A Disorder? Or a Dimension of Experience?

In the year following my 21 year-old son’s death, I sunk into a black depression. I’d followed the usual route that grieving people follow after the loss of a loved one; I experienced intense anger and flat denial, and when these walls that blocked off the pain finally fell away, I was consumed by a suffocating darkness that I would not escape until … Continue reading

In Pursuit of Happy Relationships

Inspired by a friend who has been struggling within a very difficult relationship, I decided to write about the process that I’ve always followed when it comes to building harmony with the people in my life.  For me, happiness in every form of relationship that I’ve experienced has been the result of hard work and … Continue reading

The Lessons of the Spiritual Quest

This ‘Spiritual Quest’ is a complex journey. I shared this personal observation with a number of groups of fellow seekers of truth and for all of us who engaged in this discussion, it often seemed to be a confusing maze of pathways that each led to a dead-end. We started the arduous task of finding … Continue reading

The Image in the Mirror

I learned that deep spiritual transformation cannot take place without ownership of the circumstances of our lives. Until then, we are only passengers on a road trip, watching the passing scenery of our existence, hardly aware of any responsibility that we have had in creating the world we live in. For me, ownership means moving … Continue reading

Learning to Tell the Truth

I like to think I have independent thoughts and beliefs. But then again, I like to think a lot of things that aren’t necessarily true. That’s one of the rather woeful things I’ve discovered about myself in this journey towards reunion with God. I’m a dreadfully good liar. So good at lying, in fact, I … Continue reading

Ramadan and the Gifts of Fasting

Having lived as an expat in four different predominantly Muslim countries, I’ve been fortunate enough to have moved many times through the experience of the month of Ramadan. With Ramadan being the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, and the divinely appointed time for all Muslims to move inwardly and put aside the glamours of … Continue reading

Euthanasia, An Ancient Debate: The Case of Tony Nicklinson

 Tony Nicklinson’s Life Euthanasia is a term derived from the Greek language meaning ‘good death.’ These days the word refers to the merciful infliction of death in patients who experience a diminished quality of life through intense pain or disability, or debilitating mental illness. This is a subject that evokes tidal waves of emotional responses … Continue reading


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