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One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you very much Arjuna of The Wondrous Dharma who nominated me for this award. I really appreciate your thoughts. The directions for receiving the One Lovely Blog Award are:- Mention who nominated you and link back to his/her blog Display the award image Reveal 7 things about yourself Nominate 15 blogs for the award, leave them … Continue reading

A Pathway to Greatness…On the Road of the Broken Mind

‘The Quiet Borderline’, in her kindness, gifted me with The Strong Person Award, which I have accepted with grace. She is a 27 year old young lady who had a mental breakdown about three years ago and has been in and out of the psychiatric ward ever since. She both alarms and delights her readers … Continue reading

The Story-Tellers

Michiko clutched the wet sand in her fists and she giggled softly as the tickling water lapped up around her feet and up to her bottom, dragging the sand back with it, leaving the print of her little legs on the quiet beach. ‘Tell me a story, Grammy, tell me some stories so I can … Continue reading

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust…..Says Who?

As a child I remember the first time I earnestly pondered death; I lay quietly in my room one night, trying to imagine nothingness. Earlier, at a dinner party, my parents and friends had been engaged in a sombre alcohol-induced discussion about God, Death and the meaning of Life, and I’d listened in the shadows … Continue reading

The Peace of Total Surrender

Once, (I think it was about 2004), after giving a would-be guru friend of mine a headache with my self-pitying whingeing, he dragged me kicking and screaming to a Hindu temple. The family business was having some cash-flow problems and I was somewhat cross about it because at the time I was ‘doing everything right’. … Continue reading

29 Years of Marriage: 32 years of Love: Happy Anniversary Lance!

Thank you Lance… …for your energy, your enthusiasm for life, your excitement about the future …for always singing, your voice rising through the rafters and into the skies and stars, filling our hearts with an unspoken joy …for being focussed, for your hard work, for providing a home and a good life for us …for … Continue reading

The Dark Night and A New Beautiful Morning

I was reading a very interesting blog which provoked much discussion concerning the subject of The Dark Night of the Soul, that spiritual crisis in which the beliefs that we define ourselves by and which give meaning to our lives are challenged. Historical characters who went through this process include St. John of the Cross, … Continue reading

Madder Than The Hatter: God, Through the Eyes of a Child

I’ve always known that God exists. I was born with a map and compass in my hand, accompanied by an insane desire to track down this elusive element, tie it to a chair and interrogate it. More a stalker than a seeker, I knew it was my life’s purpose to find out the truth about … Continue reading


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