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A Lesson in Love….Of the Five People I’d Want to Meet in Heaven…

…the first would be Mark Butler, who, when I was sixteen years old, was one of my earliest boyfriends. It was a short-lived, extremely innocent romance, and the reason for it ending had profoundly positive reverberations throughout my life. Every now and again, over a beer at the Irish Pub, both Lance and I love … Continue reading

The Concept of Forgiveness…Human Arrogance at it’s Best

I’ve read a lot of articles about forgiveness recently, and the latest one entitled Revenge by Melodie Beattie, is probably the closest to honesty that we’re going to get. You see, I’m not sure if we actually tell the truth about our feelings when it comes to forgiving others. Melodie has tried to speak the … Continue reading

The Perfect Dance of the Greater Human Mind

When observing nature, haven’t you, too, been enthralled by the way a large flock of birds, a swarm of honey bees, or a school of fish will make sudden directional changes; all of them moving with flawless timing, perfectly choreographed dancers in the theatre of the skies and the seas? I was lounging by the … Continue reading

Seeing Through The Eyes of God: ‘The Principles of Existence’

I’ve mentioned here and there, that during the most painful times of my life, when all my beliefs were systematically broken down, I found myself viewing life from a completely different perspective. It was shocking and uncomfortable, but like a person who has been in the dark for a long time, the light of comprehension … Continue reading


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