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Health, Disease And The Mind/Body Connection

Before you read this article, I ask that you perform a simple task. Rub your hands together briskly until they feel warm. Then slowly part them until there is an inch or so gap between them. Cup your hands slightly, as if you are holding a ball of dough in them. Feel the tingling energy pulsate from your palms and gather in the space between your hands. Become sensitive to the energy there. Begin to move your hands slowly in a circling motion, as if you are rolling dough in the palms and creating a ball. Feel the ball of energy build in your hands as you circle. You will feel a tingling sensation, and as you circle, feel the ball forming. Keep doing this until the ball feels almost static. If someone else is in the room with you as you do this, put your hands over the top of their head, and imagine you are putting the ball into their crown. Do this a number of times until you become sensitized to what is occurring in your hands. Human beings have long forgotten how to listen to the body, how to connect and feel its life-force. Ask the person in the room with you what it felt like to receive the ball of energy. Keep doing it until they too become sensitive to the finer energies of life.

Every human being is an electrical energy field, the body a highly charged battery powered by food and water, air, the deep rest of sleep and the will to live. In a healthy body, these currents of energy run through the different body parts, energizing and rejuvenating them. Disease occurs when the currents of energy become congested and are unable to flow freely.  Areas of the body not receiving energy begin to deteriorate until the electrical circuits are restored. These electrical currents also serve the purpose of carrying information around the body in an interweaving system of faster-than-the-speed-of-light communication. Organs and body parts are in a state of perpetual information exchange, and when the information highways become jammed up, the natural synergy that keeps the body and its health in balance is compromised.

So what is it that causes congestion in the electrical circuits of the body, and how is it that we are able to restore the flow of energy that brings back health to the physical form? To begin exploring this mystery, I’d like to ask you a few questions:

        Have you noticed that

  • when you are nervous about an upcoming event, your body reflects what you are thinking? Perhaps the event is a first date, or a presentation you might need to give at work. Maybe you are about to meet new people, or are waiting for approval on a bank loan. Depending on your personality type, you are likely to get a physical response ranging from ‘butterflies’ in the tummy, to feelings of nausea and maybe even sickness.
  • when you are over-worked, your body shuts down and becomes congested with flu? I’m not just talking about physical exertion, but about mental exertion, too.
  • when you become depressed, you just don’t want to do the things you used to find so stimulating? Do you recognize how heavy the body feels, and that no matter how much sleep you have had, you feel lethargic? Do you notice how when the depression is severe, you can’t even find the will to get out of bed, let alone go about the usual routine of every day living?
  • when you receive bad news, you get a tight squeezing sensation in the chest?
  • when you have a difficult decision to make, and you feel uncertain about which path to take, you get a splitting headache?
  • when someone close to you leaves you, or dies, you get a dreadful pain in your heart?
  • when you are afraid, you get tummy upsets like diarrhoea and sickness?
  • when you’re happy, you have more energy at your disposal?
  • after only one or two rounds back at the gym (after months/years of neglect), you feel happier, more attractive, and that people actually comment on how good you look?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of these questions, do you need further evidence that the mind and body are intimately connected, and that a specific train of thought produces a response in the body?

To be in good health, all our electrical circuits must be unobstructed. For the information highways to work at optimum levels, and the body parts and organs to always be energized and rejuvenated, the correct balance of body chemicals must be present (these chemicals include hormones of every kind). When the balance is upset, disease sets in.

And what upsets the balance of our body chemicals? Our thought processes. As you can see from your ‘yes’ answers to the questions above, different thought processes produce different states in the body. When we are in the grip of negative thought processes such as grief, fear, guilt, etc., our body chemistry changes; it produces hormones and other chemicals that block the flow of energy in different parts of the body. Just as electricity is not able to flow through rubber, so certain chemicals in the body alter its energizing and rejuvenation capacities.

To fix our health problems, we often turn to medicinal substances and/or surgery. The drugs often contain chemicals that restore balance in the body chemistry, which in turn re-establishes the flow of energy in the electrical circuits. If our thought processes remain unchanged, however, relapse will occur. For practitioners in the medical profession who do not use a holistic approach to healing their patients i.e. address the mental world as well as the physical condition, this very common phenomenon is a deeply frustrating mystery.

The examples I’ve given above are the most overt signs of a mind/body connection. What I haven’t mentioned here are the kind of thought processes that have more serious implications in the body. This subject is deep and profound, and over the course of this month, we will start to look at the vastness of the human psyche and the unconsciously calculating psychological mechanisms of thought used by humans that eventually cause pain and disease. We will also look at the issue of hereditary illness and the question of DNA being a warehouse of human ideas. Serious disease is not easily diagnosed in terms of the thought processes that generate it. Human beings are mysterious creatures who have evolved over aeons of time, and in that evolutionary process have found creative ways to hide our deepest fears, deny our grief, and turn our backs on love.  Disease is the body’s way of telling us to deal with all the hurt we have stored away, examine our ideas, and begin the process of healing.

I want to end this post by saying that while our good health and our disease are sourced in the world of our thoughts and ideas, I again feel it important to stress that the concepts of positive thinking and the use of positive affirmations have no place in my blogs on health. It would be an insult to my blogging friends who suffer with serious ailments to suggest that all they have to do to get well is ‘think positive’. What I will do over time is share ways in which those of you with serious illnesses can engage in ‘detective’ work to see if you can somehow source the causes of your disease. It won’t be easy, but at least you’ll have some tools to work with.

Until tomorrow, lots of love to you all!


About Yaz

Hi Everyone! Please check out my site. There you'll find a range of subjects on which I've expressed my world view. I always challenge myself and others to move out of their point of view and try seeing things from another perspective. Your point of view will always be there if you don't like mine! And I'd love to hear from you. Perhaps you'll shift something in me. This is the journey to the True Self and I love it. Lots of love to you all!


7 thoughts on “Health, Disease And The Mind/Body Connection

  1. I have felt many of those sensations. And I’ve tried to become more sensitive to my physical well being and I do try to take it back to my thoughts and feelings, stresses. I’m not referring to illnesses, but the aches and pains and stomach issues and tensions. Thanks Yaz.

    Posted by Chatter Master | November 2, 2012, 1:10 am
  2. A wonderful post, Yaz.
    I look forward to reading more…

    Posted by carolynpageabc | November 2, 2012, 2:35 am
  3. Wonderful article, Yaz. You clearly illustrated the connection between the mind and the body. I am working with Quantum Touch to help heal my hearing. Love to you~

    Posted by sufilight | November 2, 2012, 11:55 am
  4. This is just excellent, Yaz.

    That cupping of the hands, we did in qi gong (pre Daniel), when I was doing kung fu. It’s amazing – yes, you cannot deny our energy.

    Your examples of the body shutting down re flu & depression – they really speak because I do relate, and so many would.


    Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes | November 3, 2012, 12:49 am
  5. Fantastic post, Yaz.

    Posted by The Hook | November 3, 2012, 3:06 pm
  6. thank you for your insights. Do you recommend any further reading on this? I’ve read ‘Anatomy of the spirit’ and LOVED it. I work intuitively with this in my practice and am a firm believer in getting to the source of everything. Everything starts from a seed, that often gets forgotten especially if the damage has been there for many generations. It’s empowering stuff and reminds us all that we do have the capacity to make profound changes to our health just by understanding where it all started.

    Posted by bentpeople | November 4, 2012, 4:01 am


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