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Roads Less Travelled

Lately, my mind has been meandering through the roads, paths and alleyways of my past, and I’ve found myself regretting some of my choices, regretting parts of the life that I once lived, and sometimes wondering how things would have turned out if I had been a different person. Regret brings suffering, and a few … Continue reading

A New Diet-A New Beginning: A Metaphor For Deep Inner Change

If I want to know how a person feels about themselves, I watch what they eat over a period of time. Food, I have discovered in my profession as a healer, reflects our state of mind. What we eat feeds a psychological state and maintains the chemical balance that produces it. In my spiritual observations … Continue reading

Who’s For Coffee!!?!!

Thank you my dear friend Carolyn for the tag! I love coffee with friends as long as decaf is available. I’m not a health freak, but for some obscure reason have become super-sensitive to caffeine! In my early twenties I was a coffee addict for a while, after I was introduced to a latte-style way of … Continue reading

Abigail’s Visit

‘No wonder you can’t get ahead,’ Old Minerva mumbled testily. She fiddled with the bulb of a rickety lamp, and the old cottage kitchen lit up with a yellowy-orange light, making it warm and inviting. ‘You’re like those monkeys those hunters used to stalk. Monkeys with peanuts can’t be trusted to think straight.’ Abigail frowned, … Continue reading

Happy New Year! The Significant Factors That Influence Our Resolutions

The first thing I want to say is … Happy New Year Everyone! It’s great to be back among my favourite writers, photographers and poets, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful year of reading, learning and growing along with all of you. Like everyone else, I feel a certain excitement at the start of … Continue reading


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