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Beyond The Clock Test

I was inspired to write this after being over at The Chatter Blog, where Colleen wrote a lovely post called ‘The Clock Test’. The Clock Test is a simple diagnostic evaluation that is used by psychologists as a screening tool to assess a patient for dementia. Colleen’s job exposes her to the patients who undergo … Continue reading

A New Diet-A New Beginning: A Metaphor For Deep Inner Change

If I want to know how a person feels about themselves, I watch what they eat over a period of time. Food, I have discovered in my profession as a healer, reflects our state of mind. What we eat feeds a psychological state and maintains the chemical balance that produces it. In my spiritual observations … Continue reading

The Healing Room in My Heart

In my heart is a ‘Healing Room’. In that room, the Truth of my existence lies imprinted on its walls. I’ve been fortunate enough to gain access to that Truth as I’ve moved through life, and when I suffer, it is a place of refuge, it is a place of comfort. As the November WEGO … Continue reading

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

Most of us ladies (and perhaps a few men) have an issue with some part of our body. I, for one, would at least consider the idea of putting in an order for a pert Hollywood-style bottom, with accompanying boobies that face the right direction. Almost all the women I know can name a  body part that … Continue reading

Shaman Healers of Today

Shamanism is an entirely different approach to healing and exploration than that which is practiced in the West, and is a natural, highly effective therapeutic methodology which has been in existence since man first walked the earth.  It is a system whereby the shaman (the healer) shifts the location of his consciousness from his body … Continue reading

The Rescuing Hug: The Healing Power of Human Touch

For me, there is nothing more emotionally healing than human touch. When we touch each other, there is an energy exchange in which our spiritual connection is recognized at a subconscious level. We human beings have a deep need for acknowledgement from those around us, we have a need to have our lives validated by … Continue reading

Embracing Change For Peace of Mind And A Healthy Life

Someone said that the only thing that we can be certain of in life, is change, and yet a lot of our health issues arise because we find it so difficult to embrace it. Whenever my daughter changed schools, from nursery, to primary, to high school, she kicked up dickens with tears and dramas. As … Continue reading

A Healthy Perspective, For A Healthy Mind, Body And Spirit

As you all know by now, I attribute good health to the way that we view Life, and the way in which we see ourselves. To be at odds with either Life or with our sense of self, creates stress in the body, and over a long period of time, this manifests as disease. Here … Continue reading

Anxiety And Panic: The Miracle of ‘The Linden Method’

Do you suffer episodes of irrational fear of outside spaces, inside spaces and crowds? Do you find yourself engaged in Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours (OCB’s)? Do you feel like a prisoner to your fearful thoughts? Do you spend half your life preparing excuses as to why you can’t leave the house, go to certain places, or … Continue reading

Our Thoughts, Our Health, And Our Judgement Of Others

‘Judge not, lest ye be judged’. This religious idea confused me for a long time. In fact, it created havoc in my system because I found the judgement of others to be a perfectly natural thing. It’s what human beings do, every last one of us. We do it through the justice system, we do … Continue reading

Throat Dis-Ease And Self-Expression

Following my posts explaining how our beliefs about ourselves and the world are mirrored in the health of our body, I am going to post a number of inserts in this National Health month, demonstrating different areas of the body and the kind of ideas that create dis-ease in those regions. When gauging this information … Continue reading

10 Bizarre Ancient Healing Methods (And Some Are Still Used Today!)

Are  you ready to squirm? If you’re the type to moan and complain about the systems of healing we use in today’s world, have a look at some of these I found around the internet! By the time you’ve finished reading you’ll be grateful for what you’ve got!!! 1. HIRUDOTHERAPY Humorously referred to as “treatment … Continue reading

The Healing Power Of Laughter!

Laughter is an amazing healer. I’m lucky in that I get to laugh a lot since I have a funny husband and a hilarious daughter. To them, nothing is sacred. If it will get a laugh, everyone and anything is bait. Plus I have a silly sense of humour, so it doesn’t take much to … Continue reading

The Miracle of Garlic: Home Remedy Tips!

I love garlic. I love to cook it, I love the smell of it (except on people’s breath!), and most of all, I deeply appreciate its healing properties. When my children were little, and the symptoms of a cold were starting, I used to give them raw garlic hidden in their mashed potatoes. I’d squash … Continue reading

16 Quirky Facts About The Body

Hello friends! Today, just to lighten things up, I thought I’d share some interesting bits and pieces of information about the body! I found these facts and photos on a the Discovery Fit&Health site. There’s lots of great information on health issues there, so I suggest you go and take a look. http://health.howstuffworks.com/human-body/parts/16-unusual-facts-about-the-human-body16.htm 1. TONGUE PRINT: … Continue reading


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