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Sexing Up The Doctor’s Waiting Rooms!

I don’t usually visit the doctor’s surgery, as I prefer to use natural remedies and alternative healing treatments. But in response to one of the WEGO Health blog prompts, I’ve decided that I would have a change of heart if legislation urged the doctor’s waiting rooms to have the following alterations done! RULES FOR CHANGE … Continue reading

Health And Healing? The Joke’s On You!

After a lot of serious posts on health and healing, I thought we’d have a laugh today. Here are some jokes about health that I picked up around the internet. Laughter always heals, right?!!! I can’t find a cause… ‘I can’t find a cause for your illness,’ the doctor said. ‘Frankly, I think it’s due … Continue reading

The Healing Power Of Laughter!

Laughter is an amazing healer. I’m lucky in that I get to laugh a lot since I have a funny husband and a hilarious daughter. To them, nothing is sacred. If it will get a laugh, everyone and anything is bait. Plus I have a silly sense of humour, so it doesn’t take much to … Continue reading


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