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Addiction And Self-Hate: Finding Our Way Back To Love

For addiction to thrive, it is absolutely essential that thoughts of self-hate dominate the realms of the psyche. Self-hate evokes deeply painful emotions that often a person feels unable to bear, and for many people, the only remedy is mental escape. To flee this kind of pain means to flee the reality of the body, … Continue reading

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you very much Arjuna of The Wondrous Dharma who nominated me for this award. I really appreciate your thoughts. The directions for receiving the One Lovely Blog Award are:- Mention who nominated you and link back to his/her blog Display the award image Reveal 7 things about yourself Nominate 15 blogs for the award, leave them … Continue reading

A Pathway to Greatness…On the Road of the Broken Mind

‘The Quiet Borderline’, in her kindness, gifted me with The Strong Person Award, which I have accepted with grace. She is a 27 year old young lady who had a mental breakdown about three years ago and has been in and out of the psychiatric ward ever since. She both alarms and delights her readers … Continue reading


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