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Beyond The Clock Test

I was inspired to write this after being over at The Chatter Blog, where Colleen wrote a lovely post called ‘The Clock Test’. The Clock Test is a simple diagnostic evaluation that is used by psychologists as a screening tool to assess a patient for dementia. Colleen’s job exposes her to the patients who undergo … Continue reading

Anxiety And Panic: The Miracle of ‘The Linden Method’

Do you suffer episodes of irrational fear of outside spaces, inside spaces and crowds? Do you find yourself engaged in Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours (OCB’s)? Do you feel like a prisoner to your fearful thoughts? Do you spend half your life preparing excuses as to why you can’t leave the house, go to certain places, or … Continue reading

A Pathway to Greatness…On the Road of the Broken Mind

‘The Quiet Borderline’, in her kindness, gifted me with The Strong Person Award, which I have accepted with grace. She is a 27 year old young lady who had a mental breakdown about three years ago and has been in and out of the psychiatric ward ever since. She both alarms and delights her readers … Continue reading

A Letter to ‘The Quiet Borderline’:Taking Back a Life

I read the latest post put out by ‘The Quiet Borderline’ entitled ‘Hurt Myself, I’m Hurting’ and was deeply moved by the extremely painful thoughts she has about her life, and her mother. So painful, that she is self-harming again. I thought I would send my letter out publicly in case anyone else out there had a … Continue reading

Depression and Suicide; Knocking on Death’s Door

In this post I want to share my insights on suicide. In finding that those who have not experienced suicidal feelings are simply not able to comprehend what is happening, this blog is designed to urge these people to accept their ignorance and think carefully about their reactions to the suicidal. Suicidal people need someone to … Continue reading

Depression: A Disorder? Or a Dimension of Experience?

In the year following my 21 year-old son’s death, I sunk into a black depression. I’d followed the usual route that grieving people follow after the loss of a loved one; I experienced intense anger and flat denial, and when these walls that blocked off the pain finally fell away, I was consumed by a suffocating darkness that I would not escape until … Continue reading


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