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Crystal Healing and the Energy Field: A Beginner’s Guide by Marion McGeough

Beyond the world of people, crystals have always held great importance in my life. Their beauty is not only physical in nature; their purpose for being in the world is truly altruistic and exquisite. They have assisted me in many facets of my healing career; they are living healers from a different dimension of experience, … Continue reading

Health, Disease And The Mind/Body Connection

Before you read this article, I ask that you perform a simple task. Rub your hands together briskly until they feel warm. Then slowly part them until there is an inch or so gap between them. Cup your hands slightly, as if you are holding a ball of dough in them. Feel the tingling energy pulsate … Continue reading

A Legacy of Love: An Alternative View of Our Health Issues

Hello Friends! For the next 30 days, I’ll be participating in the WEGO Health blog-a-thon. The idea is to produce an article every day that pertains to health issues, and that will be of use to people interested in improving their health and maintaining optimum levels of well-being for life. Having a background in pharmacy, … Continue reading


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