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When A Child Heals Your Soul: The Birth of an Angel: Happy Birthday Annabel!

Lance didn’t make it in time to watch Annabels entry into this world. After a frantic rush to the hospital, he arrived three minutes after our second child’s birth. Those three minutes in which this new little bundle belonged only to me, was one of the most transforming experiences of my life. I was spell-bound … Continue reading

29 Years of Marriage: 32 years of Love: Happy Anniversary Lance!

Thank you Lance… …for your energy, your enthusiasm for life, your excitement about the future …for always singing, your voice rising through the rafters and into the skies and stars, filling our hearts with an unspoken joy …for being focussed, for your hard work, for providing a home and a good life for us …for … Continue reading

A Wonderful Vacation, and A Great Inner Journey

Hey Everyone! It’s great to be back home and blogging again. Lance, Annabel and I had a wonderful trip to the UK visiting family members whom we hadn’t seen in years. Familial bridges damaged by old disputes were mended by unspoken mutual agreements to let the past go and enjoy the mature adults we had … Continue reading

Yay!! It’s Vacation Time!! UK, The Boss, and Barcelona

This is just to notify my readers that it’s vacation time for me and family, I’ll be gone for three weeks, and if the planned Spanish hikes haven’t done me in, will be back refreshed, and ready to write up a storm! I’ve only been blogging a very short while and have made some lovely … Continue reading


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