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The Rescuing Hug: The Healing Power of Human Touch

For me, there is nothing more emotionally healing than human touch. When we touch each other, there is an energy exchange in which our spiritual connection is recognized at a subconscious level. We human beings have a deep need for acknowledgement from those around us, we have a need to have our lives validated by … Continue reading

Love Heals Everything, and Listening With The Soul Is A Holy Act of Love

One of the greatest gifts of love that we can give to people is to listen to them when they need us to. It is a deeply healing gift that transforms a conflicted soul, and assists it in its journey to wholeness. Our ideas of what listening is, is a very curious thing. We all … Continue reading

A Letter to ‘The Quiet Borderline’:Taking Back a Life

I read the latest post put out by ‘The Quiet Borderline’ entitled ‘Hurt Myself, I’m Hurting’ and was deeply moved by the extremely painful thoughts she has about her life, and her mother. So painful, that she is self-harming again. I thought I would send my letter out publicly in case anyone else out there had a … Continue reading

In Pursuit of Happy Relationships

Inspired by a friend who has been struggling within a very difficult relationship, I decided to write about the process that I’ve always followed when it comes to building harmony with the people in my life.  For me, happiness in every form of relationship that I’ve experienced has been the result of hard work and … Continue reading


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