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Our Children, and the Danger of Strangers

The continuing story surrounding little Madeleine McCann’s abduction six years ago brings up many different issues for all those parents around the world who have kept watch on the whole unfortunate drama. It was 2007, and Madeleine was only three years old when she was snatched from her bed while the family was holidaying in … Continue reading

The Gift of Dreaming

When I was a very young child, somewhere between the ages of five and six, I had recurring dreams about a man pursuing me. I would look out of my bedroom window of the army apartments we used to live in, and see him coming up the long road that led to the apartment blocks. … Continue reading

A New Diet-A New Beginning: A Metaphor For Deep Inner Change

If I want to know how a person feels about themselves, I watch what they eat over a period of time. Food, I have discovered in my profession as a healer, reflects our state of mind. What we eat feeds a psychological state and maintains the chemical balance that produces it. In my spiritual observations … Continue reading

Happy New Year! The Significant Factors That Influence Our Resolutions

The first thing I want to say is … Happy New Year Everyone! It’s great to be back among my favourite writers, photographers and poets, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful year of reading, learning and growing along with all of you. Like everyone else, I feel a certain excitement at the start of … Continue reading

When Change Won’t Happen…

Are you on the brink of a welcome change in your life, but something or other just keeps getting in your way? Are you feeling penned in and frustrated? When we feel ‘stuck’; when we absolutely know it is time for change, but somehow it doesn’t occur, inner work is required. This sensation of being … Continue reading

Guilt is a Prison; Let Go and Be Free

This is for those in the blogosphere who struggle with guilt, and an inability to forgive themselves for the life they’ve led and for the people they’ve hurt. It is a wonderful place to have arrived at when we can feel remorse and realize that we will never repeat our hurtful behaviours. It is a … Continue reading

The Healing Room in My Heart

In my heart is a ‘Healing Room’. In that room, the Truth of my existence lies imprinted on its walls. I’ve been fortunate enough to gain access to that Truth as I’ve moved through life, and when I suffer, it is a place of refuge, it is a place of comfort. As the November WEGO … Continue reading

The Aha Moments That Heal

How often in life are we blessed with those moments of absolute clarity, those moments when a beautiful truth emerges to release us from an old hurtful way of thinking? ‘Aha’ moments are moments when true healing takes place, when a human being is transformed for the better, and the energy in the world is … Continue reading

Embracing Change For Peace of Mind And A Healthy Life

Someone said that the only thing that we can be certain of in life, is change, and yet a lot of our health issues arise because we find it so difficult to embrace it. Whenever my daughter changed schools, from nursery, to primary, to high school, she kicked up dickens with tears and dramas. As … Continue reading

Anxiety And Panic: The Miracle of ‘The Linden Method’

Do you suffer episodes of irrational fear of outside spaces, inside spaces and crowds? Do you find yourself engaged in Obsessive Compulsive Behaviours (OCB’s)? Do you feel like a prisoner to your fearful thoughts? Do you spend half your life preparing excuses as to why you can’t leave the house, go to certain places, or … Continue reading

Throat Dis-Ease And Self-Expression

Following my posts explaining how our beliefs about ourselves and the world are mirrored in the health of our body, I am going to post a number of inserts in this National Health month, demonstrating different areas of the body and the kind of ideas that create dis-ease in those regions. When gauging this information … Continue reading

Allowing Grief To Heal You; Emerging From The Shadows of The Past

Grief comes to us when we lose something that we cherish. It could be a loved one, it could be a marriage. We grieve when we lose a highly-regarded job; we suffer when we experience a massive financial loss. Perhaps we lose what we feel is a powerful position in life; maybe it’s our celebrity … Continue reading

The Healing Power Of Laughter!

Laughter is an amazing healer. I’m lucky in that I get to laugh a lot since I have a funny husband and a hilarious daughter. To them, nothing is sacred. If it will get a laugh, everyone and anything is bait. Plus I have a silly sense of humour, so it doesn’t take much to … Continue reading

The Miracle of Garlic: Home Remedy Tips!

I love garlic. I love to cook it, I love the smell of it (except on people’s breath!), and most of all, I deeply appreciate its healing properties. When my children were little, and the symptoms of a cold were starting, I used to give them raw garlic hidden in their mashed potatoes. I’d squash … Continue reading

Addiction And Self-Hate: Finding Our Way Back To Love

For addiction to thrive, it is absolutely essential that thoughts of self-hate dominate the realms of the psyche. Self-hate evokes deeply painful emotions that often a person feels unable to bear, and for many people, the only remedy is mental escape. To flee this kind of pain means to flee the reality of the body, … Continue reading


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